Our Natural Protein Powder is not only low in fat, low in sugar, has next to zero lactose, is gluten free and contains over 26g of protein per serve.

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"We're giving the public what they've always wanted, protein without the fillers, comprised of all natural ingredients. Natural was established to change the game, and serve the people. It's all on the label."

Alex Kelly - Product Developer of Natural Protein Powder

What Our Customers are Saying

“Easily the BEST protein powder i have ever had! So light, fluffy and super healthy, you need to taste this stuff!”

Daniel Haddock

“Perfect blend of natural ingredients to create a pure, clean, good tasting protein powder. Love it.”

Brennan Craig

“Bought from this company twice, and have been very happy with the quality and the TASTE of their products. There is so much you can do with their protein powder, not only does it go very well in shakes, but it’s hectic in other baking and food recipes too. I look forward to getting my next order 🙂 Great quality..”

Mika Martens

“Surprisingly, I found Natural Protein Powder to be one of the tastiest protein powders I’ve had considering it has almost zero sugar in it. Usually I don’t like to mix my protein with water, but having this surprised me that I could have this with water. Their Whey Isolate was incredibly smooth. I find other protein powders to be thick and gluggy. The breakdown of ingredients is really simple and I think that’s a positive because you know exactly what’s going into your body and being an Australian owned company is just an added bonus.”

Marcus Leard