Whilst they play such an important role in muscular growth and development, BCAA’s are surprisingly skipped over in conversations relating to muscle growth and general weight training.

For the impact that BCAA’s have in building cells and repairing muscle tissue, they are considered by medical professionals the most important component in muscular development through weight training. This info-blog has been written so you won’t be left scratching your head when all of this technical gym jargon gets thrown around and you get turned off health supplements for good. Rest assured, there are a lot of products which are nothing more than marketing ploys and aren’t necessary but BCAA’s are definitely not one of them.

Let’s cover the basics; What are Branched Chain Amino Acids?

The Branched Amino Acids are made up of a group of three essential amino acids; leucine, isoleucine and valine, which all can be found in rich proteins and all individually have their own process and benefit in building muscle, training performance and muscle recovery. These three amino acids are responsible for 33% of all muscle growth during synthesis. This is why BCAA’s are considered the building blocks of muscle tissue.

What is the role of BCAA’s and it why are BCAA’s necessary for the regular gym goer?

To explain their role in the simplest of terms, BCAA’s carry nitrogen required from the protein consumed to the broken down muscle tissue. Think of BCAA’s simply as a means of transport for protein. Consumption of more quality protein which is naturally higher in amino acids will simply offer you better results than poor quality protein.

It can be tricky at first trying to find quality protein which is high in BCAA’s given that

1) A nutrition label isn’t going to show you the amino acid content and

2) Targeting specific foods for every certain amino acid becomes more of a hindrance than a benefit in the long run.

Whey protein has also developed a reputation for being high in BCAA’s but unfortunately due to nitrogen spiking and other dangerous manufacturing shortcuts, whey protein has lost a lot of value when it comes to providing a protein supplement with a high BCAA count and high protein ratio.

Thankfully, Natural Protein Powder offer our 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate which contains zero fillers and is naturally enriched with 7.5g of BCAA’s per serve, one of the highest ratios of BCAA’s within a protein supplement available on the market today. Our product is available on our online store.