We’ve all been told at one point that the key to muscle growth is simple, consume more protein after a workout. Simple right? Eat more protein so the muscles can repair and rebuild.

Unfortunately, it just isn’t as simple as that.

What most people forget in this cycle of TRAIN, PROTEIN, SLEEP, GROW is that it’s not only a matter of how much protein you consume, it’s a matter of how the protein is delivered and synthesised.

So now the question arises: Why doesn’t my body take care of that for me?

Well, don’t lose faith so fast because your body does take care of that and a whole lot more. The component in question is the transferal of the consumed protein to the muscles to establish your muscle growth, and the most important component in this delivery process is Amino Acids.

Branched Chain Amino Acids are considered the chemical building blocks in the process of muscle growth and they are a HUGE counterpart in determining the quality of your protein supplement.

The reason you may not be seeing results is not be because you’re not training hard enough or lifting heavy enough weight, it’s that your protein supplement is simply not providing you with the essentials you once thought to develop results from your workouts.

So, hopefully I’ve crushed the common thought for you and you’re not saying to yourself,

  • I need to consume more protein!
  • Hopefully you’re now saying,
  • I need to consume more quality protein!

Why is it that your protein supplement isn’t naturally rich in BCAA’s? The sad reality is that supplement companies sell you protein in 30 gram servings which they try to make more artificially appealing to the consumer, so they load their protein supplements with artificial flavourings and cheap fillers which carry no health benefit and only make sure you get less protein, than you actually require per serve.

Supplement companies provide as little as up to 3-4 grams per serve and they advertise these staggeringly low numbers, convincing their customers that this is an acceptable amount. This phenomenon of poor quality protein is setting a false standard for the supplement industry and simply taking advantage of the customer.

At Natural Protein Powder, we sell our Natural Whey Protein Isolate which contains zero fillers, is organically sweetened and contains only four ingredients. This allows us to provide up to 27.6 grams per 30 gram serving. Our WPI is naturally enriched with up to 7.5 grams of BC-AA’s per serving, which will provide you with a correct quality standard of protein you need to make those muscle gains.

The simple answer to your question of why you aren’t getting the results whilst you’re constantly increasing the amount of protein powder shakes you consumer per day, is that you aren’t consuming quality protein naturally enriched with the essential building blocks to achieve your results!

At Natural Protein Powder we have a passion for delivering the best we can, why not try one of our Natural Protein Powders today!