The time has come for protein to be recognised for what it is, and the time has come for us to finally question, What’s in it?

The average label of a tub of a whey protein has over ten to fifteen ingredients. To the average customer, less than four are probably known and identifiable to them.

Can you tell me what all of your ingredients are in your protein supplement?

If you can honestly give a description of every ingredient and its role in your protein powder, you’re in the 0.01%. But even then,  regardless of what the label has told you; we haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s not on the label.

But, hold on a second. Why isn’t it on the label?!

Believe it or not, the profiteers don’t want you to know what’s in your supplements. Quite frankly, these people don’t want you to know what cuts down their costs and fluffs up their products so they can fill a bag in the cheapest possible way.

It’s no secret that the health and supplements industry has a dark cloud over it’s head. It’s also no secret that there’s a significant amount of people who have stopped using protein supplements because of the continually damaging reputation these industry shortcuts are having on not only whey protein powder,  but casein and pea protein powder also.

So where do we go from here? The standard procedure for developing protein supplements has followed suit with the profiteers. It’s procedure to include artificial sweeteners, fillers, additives and as a result, it’s standard procedure to have lower ratios and less quality for Whey Protein Isolate products.

Let’s change the game. Our protein is an isolate with whey from non genetically modified grass fed cows. Instead of 20+ ingredients, gums and fillers, our protein contains ZERO fillers, ZERO gums, and only consists of three-four ingredients.

That’s it, and why? Because that is all you need. Instead of offering you extensive supplements to have with your natural protein powder, we offer a natural protein powder which contains over 7g of BCAA’s naturally. As it’s meant to be. Protein supplements which are lower in quality are naturally lower in BCAA’s. What is kept from the general public is that the quality standard has been lowered significantly with companies advertising 4g of BCAA’s on their product like it’s something they’re proud to market.

Our goal with minimal ingredients is to not deprive you of quality protein powder. My goal with Natural Protein Powder is simple, to change the perception of how protein powder is thought of and sold.

So let’s rewrite the formula, flip the script and change the game.