Due to the nature of its processing an isolate is a few extra bucks, but if you can find one that suits you, the reasons to invest the extra money are quite simple. Now that we’ve scratched the surface on all the technicals involved in the processing of these blends, now we can talk about benefits. Given that isolate has the extra effort to be created, it makes its case with the benefits it provides. We know a high protein yield is ideally better, but why?

Highly Absorbable, Fast Digesting

An isolate is faster digesting which is an indicator of the quality of the blend, but what does this mean in a practical sense. The fact that an isolate blend has been filtered of non protein elements means a few different things for the effect it will have when it’s consumed. As there’s less elements to be consumed by the body, the time it takes to process the protein together with the other nutrients typically found in a concentrate.

High Amino Acid Profile

Not only do isolate blends digest faster, but when we look at the breakdown of what we’re consuming closer, another crucial thing, arguably the most crucial to take into account is the amino acid profile. While the amount of protein is of importance, of more importance is whether the protein is rich in amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks when it comes to protein synthesis and the muscle building process. Leucine, glutamine, cysteine to name a few. For a closer look , you can visit our blog to understand these amino acids and their process better.

Promoting Muscle Growth Without Weight Gain

While the typical perception peddles ideas that you can’t have muscle growth without gaining fat, what this perception fails to cover in its lack of complexity is that with consumption of the right foods, it’s possible to build muscle while not adding any considerable amount of body fat. This, more commonly referred to as lean muscle, is achieved by firstly, eating specific foods and secondly, with specific timing to training and the breakdown of muscle tissue. When I say specific foods, I’m talking about, you guessed it, whey protein in an isolate form. Why is this so beneficial? To put simply, if you’re ingesting nothing but highly absorbable protein to spark the uptake of protein synthesis, your body isn’t taking anything to convert into body fat while you’re getting the right amount to feed your muscles during the process of protein synthesis.

A conducted study on the effectiveness of supplementation in strength training showed that athletes who were using a whey isolate achieved a significantly greater gain in lean muscle mass (4.99kg) as opposed to athletes in the experiment who supplemented with casein which gained (0.81kg). What’s also to note is that while both groups increased in strength significantly in the three exercises, the whey isolate group made greater strength increases in all three exercises compared to the casein group. The whey isolate group also showed a significant decrease in fat mass (-1.46 2 kg), whereas the casein group exhibited a slight rise (0.19 kg). You can find the study here.

Whey Isolate has considerable evidence to show that it serves a great purpose in the supplement market as its own product, If you yourself are interested in trying a Whey Isolate just to see the effects it has on your training results, our Natural Whey Isolate is available to purchase from our store here.