The Beginning of Natural Protein Powder

Natural Protein Powder is a new bare blend of protein supplements which was started by Alex Kelly when he got fed up with the state of the health and fitness supplements industry.

After an extremely long search we found a manufacturer who couldn’t stop raving about the very thing we were fed up with – greedy supplement companies ripping off their customers by spiking their products with fillers. Supplement companies around the world are sacrificing the wellbeing of their clients with unhealthy artificial flavourings, unintelligible ingredients lists full of who knows what and finally un-natural lab manufactured sweeteners – which no one really wants in their bodies!

It is our mission to provide the cleanest and tastiest organically sweetened supplements in Australia at the best possible price we can.

Our products are for those who truly want to put quality food products into their bodies – those who live life the best way they can!

Natural Protein Powder was established to deliver honesty and good will back into the supplement industry, which has been polluted with unhealthy chemical concoctions by greedy business people who have no care for health and fitness.